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"Easy to buy from" is our guideline. This mean short responce time always.

We manufacture, trade and distribute products for following industries:

  • Automotive supplier industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Coating industry
  • Other high tec industrial companies
  • Development companies, Universities and Institutions

Our suppliers are from Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, China and Taiwan.
We supply our products for your development and manufacturing process.

Also we supply quickly and cost-effectively from batch sizes ONE to big demands.
Our low prices are combined with short delivery times, outstanding quality and the best possible service.

For applications in the electronics sector, we supply:
DCB substrates, thick-film circuits, hybrid circuits, sensors, (CPC)  copper-plated ceramic substrates, printed circuit boards and flex printed circuit boards.

Coating technology companies use our cathodes, sputter targets, granulates and evaporators for ARC coating, PVD coating and CVD coating.

Send us your sketch, we will let you know if we can produce and what the budget price is. Also we will inform you which kind of parameter would help to reduce the costs for samples and increase your profit on series products.

HHI EUROPAGES, pleace conect!

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