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DCB Substrate - Hubert Heusner - Rigid - Flex - IMS PCBs
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Rigid - Flex - IMS PCBs

We deliver a with range of PCBs for different applications and your success. We know how is the best pruduces of the very different pcb technologies.

Product Overview

1. Standard OCBs

  • Rigid 1-16 Layers
  • Flex 1-4 Layers
  • Rigid-Flex 2-6 Layers
2. Special PCBs
  • Silver past through holes (STH) 2-sided only
  • Thermalconductive boards (IMS) thermal conductive base material
  • Heaters
  • 3D PCB
3. Keyboards and Panels, Trays and Foams, Dis cut
  • Membrane keyboard switches, Touch panels, Keypads (Silicon rubber)
  • Vaccum formed trays and foams for packaged transort
  • Stamping and die cut products for insulation, sealing and shielding



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