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Sputter Targets

Our professional manufacturer created by senior professors team of material science. Our very reach knowledge and experience for pure metals and its alloy.

We always devote to the new materials innovation R&D and launching many remarkable products to support the customer to be the segmented industry leader.

Since 2012 our supplier grew to be one of the global leading manufacturer of advanced sputtering targets with excellent quality and outstanding performance.

Several unique and difficult metal alloy materials are launched to meet the soaring technology transformation and improvement.

We ship from ONE target and handle big demands also. Our lead time is general short and can speed up if you need your targets earlier.

We will quote very soon if we receive your inquiry with material specification and drawing.

Sputter Targets:
  • Standard Materials Cr, AlTi, AlCr, AlTiSi, AlCrB, Mo, Nb, Ta, NiCr, NiV, WC and MoS2, SHMT
  • New Materials such as TiB,TiSi, TiMg, TiMgNb, TiAgX, CrAgX, ZrAgX, TiCr, TiZr, TiNb, MoNb, NbZr, CrC, CrCu, CrZr, CrSi, CrW, CuW, AgCr, AlTiCr, AlCrSiW, AlSnCu, TiZrOx, and NiCr(Cr>50%) etc with planar and rotary shape.



Target Bonding
  • Full service including the bonding of targets to different backing plates (stainless stell, aluminium, copper or molybdenum). For certain target material used in high power sputtering we offer direct bonding to the back plate within the manufacturing step or by using aspecial high temperature bonding process.

Our main target list

Actual Density
TiB B<25at% >99.5%
TiSi Si<30at% >99.5%
TiAgX All composition >99.5% Special antibacterial function
CrAgX All composition >99.5% Special antibacterial function
ZrAgX All composition >99.5% Special antibacterial function
TiMgNb All composition >99.5% For medicial coating
TiCr All composition >99.5%
TiZr All composition >99.5%
TiNb 70/30at% etc >99.5%
NbZr 90/10at% etc >99.5%
MoNb Nb10wt% >99.5%
AlTi All composition >99.5%
AlTiB All composition >99.5%
AlTiSi All composition >99.5%
AlTiCr All composition >99.5%
AlCr All composition >99.5%
AlCrB All composition >99.5%
AlCrSi All composition >99.5%
AlCrSiW All composition >99.5% Tool & automotive coating
AlCrMgSi All composition >99.5%
AlNiSiB All composition >99.5%
MoS2 —— >90%
B4C —— >95%
Cr Pure Cr >99.5% HIP on SS tube without bonding & 99.95%
CrC 95/5 & 95/10at% >99.5%
CrZr All composition >99.5%
CrCu All composition >99.5%
WC —— >99% Big single WC L2000mm x W300mm
CrW All composition >99.5%
CrMo All composition >99.5%
CrSi All composition >99.5%
NiCr Cr>50% >99.5% Medical, automotive and electronic
NiMo All composition >99.5%
NiV 93/7wt% >99.5%
NiPt All composition >99.5%
WTi All composition >99.5%
TiZrOx ZrOx<30at% >99.5% Glass coating
AlSnCu All composition >99.5% Automotive coating
AlSnMo All composition >99.5% Automotive coating
Si Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline 99.5%
Nb —— >99.5%
Ta —— >99.5%
Hf —— >99.5%
Mg —— >99.5%
MoSi2/SiC SiC<20% >85%
CdS —— >90% Solar cell

Most difficult and new special functional targets are available by us.



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