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Thick Film Circuits and Hybrid Circuits    

Our service, development, production and delivery of thick film and hybrid circuits

Thick film technology is the basic for the production of electronic devices such as hybrid intergrated circuits, sensors, surface mount devices.

Thick film circuits are widely used in the automotive industry, both in sensors, e.g. mixture of fuel/air, pressure sensors, engine and gearbox controls, sensor for releasing airbags, ignitors to airbags; common is that high reliability is required, often extended temperature range also along massive thermocycling of circuits without failure.

The manufacture of such devices is an additive process involving deposition of several successive layers of conductor, resistors and dielectric layers onto an electrically insulating substrate using a screen-printing and fireing process.

A typical thick film process would consist of the following stages:

- Prepare Al2O3, AIN or stainless stell substrateseenless
- Prepare the ink and do screen printing
- Drying/Curing and firing the paste
- Laser trimming of resistors
- Mounting of SMT components like resitors, capacitors and semiconductors
- Separation in single elements
- Intergate in an device

Advantages of Thick Film Circuits and Hybrid Circuits:

  • Very compact, stabil and robust
  • Ceramic substrates an very good low-loss isolator. The loss power disappear over the total substrate
  • Printed and laser trimmed resistors are very accurate they are better as 0,1%
  • Usable in high temeratur application and in very rough environments
  • Usable in an vacuum and in areas with high vibrations

Tick Film Hybrids easy to produce with a short delivery time and for low costs

We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.
Our support includes development, implementation, production and test.

Download brochure "Thick Film and Hybrid Circuits"

Hybrid Assembly

  • Assembly of SMT, COB and other Components on an Substrate

  • SMT assembly, COB assembly, Al Wire Bonding, Au Wire Bondig, Soldering, Testing, Packaging
  • Assembly of electronic components with our modern equipment. Testing and Packing as you like.


Assembly COB Process

  • Chip on board (COB) is the method of manufacturing where integrated circuits are wired and bonded directly to a printed circuit board. By eliminating the packaging of individual semiconductor devices, the completed product can be more compact, lighter, and less costly. In some cases chip on board construction improves the operation of radio frequency systems by reducing the inductance and capacitance of integrated circuit leads.

Assembly, Wire Bonding

  • AL2O3 with Silver layer on the top and bottom side and in the hole.
  • The Ag layer is the strat layer for the copper finish

Wire Bonding

  • AL2O3 with Silver layer on the top and bottom side and in the hole

Hybrid, coated and un coaded

  • In our Coating Line we can caot your Hybrid Circuit


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