Hybrid OEM Products


OEM ignitors for the gas and oil burner industry are potted on our automatic potting system. You module is then fully protected against environmental influences.

Of course we manufacture ignitors for you according to your specifications. In addition to a feasibility study, production including casting, a function test is of course also carried out.

We manufacture samples, small series and large series for you.

Please send us your request or idea so that we can make you a proposal or an offer.



  •  Our ignition devices consist of sophisticated control electronics and a
     high-quality ignition coil.
  • The mains voltage is transformed to 15-30 kV ignition voltage
  • The plastic housing is impact-resistant and encapsulated with the electronics
  • We realize your housing requirements
  • Our igniters are optimized for oil and gas burners and for electromagnetic compatibility
  • The ignitors are adapted to your application
  • They are equipped for single-pole and two-pole continuous operation
  • Of course also for different voltage ranges


Auotomatic production line

  • Inline production with fully automatic casting machine, drying and
    function test
  • Large quantities can be realized
  • Very high reproducibility is achieved
  • We have great experience in potting technology
  • Process control
  • Functional test

Drying section

  •     Our dry plug for casting is optimized and guarantees reproducible,
        high quality results
  •      It will realize high throughput