LOW COST AgENIG Thick Film Substrates are cost effective, relaible, RoHS compliant ceramic substrates with AgENIG metallization without costly platinum/palladium materials.

These versatile, high performance metallized ceramic substrates are an economic substitute for currently used expensive thick film materials containing platinium(palladium and are RoHS compliant.  AgENIG (silver with ENIG finish) lower cost metallized ceramic substrates combine silver thick film processing with ENIG (electroless nickel and immersion gold plating). There are 30% lower in price than commonly used Pd-Pt-Ag substrates.

In addition, the new AgENIG substrates offer a number of significant performance advanges. First, solder leaching, typical of conventional thick film substrates, is greatly reduced. This is especially important when using lead free soldering required for RoHS compliance processed at temperatures of 260°C or higher.

Plated substrates assure more reliable solder connections and can withstand multiple SMT reflow solder cycles and repairs. The tracks resistivity is improved up tenfold to 1 mΩ/square and the substrates can be used up to 170°C continuous operation temperature. Pattern definition can be held to 150 µm line and space.

A combination of various thick film metals and selective gold plating techniques result in achieving various types of surface finish suitable for different assemply types. Therefore the same metallized ceramic substrate yield 0,05 µm gold finish for SMT soldering and welding, 0,76 µm for Gold wire bonding and 2,74 µm of gold for brazing and eutectic die attach.

Multilayers, intergrated resistors, plugged via holes and plated thru holes are also available with the AgENIG products.



  • Substrate with AgENIG metallization and LPI solder mask
  • Commercial miniature high efficiency dc/dc converter


  • Substrate with AgENIG metallization
  • Plated through-holes

  • and printed resistors for a peak detector




  • Substrate for a Harmonic Filter

  • Use of AgENIG metalization reduced price

  • Enhanced product reliability




  • Substrate for miniature TEC cooler

  • Use of AgENIG metallization with 60 µm thick silver deposits

  • 0,35 mΩ/sq resistivity allowed current carrying capacity in excess of 10 AMP